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Cold Brew Coffee reinvents the way we drink coffee. Let the cold, dark, silky liquid roll over your tongue and discover a new world of coffee.


Cold Brew essentials


Cold Brew Coffee; it’s all in the name! This is coffee brewed with cold, instead of hot, water. You might think cold coffee?! - That disgusting bit of coffee left in the mug you find at the end of a long day? - Well, this is different. The trick is using cold water for the brew, this changes the chemistry of the brewing process which allows your coffee to stay delicious for multiple weeks!

Nevertheless, nothing is without compromise; the make up for the loss of temperature we brew the coffee for anywhere between 14 and 20 hours; depending on the beans. The result: A naturally-sweet, silky, mouth-watering bottle of cold brew coffee. Indulge straight up over ice or mix with the poison of your preference: milk, tonic, or some booze for a sneaky moment of pure relaxation.


'Coffee farmers are not poor because of coffee. These are poor people farming coffee. Coffee is the opportunity, not the problem.' - Konrad Brits, CEO of Falcon Coffees


The Coffee Beans

Coffee is a peculiar plant with a rich history. According to an Ethiopian legend coffee was discovered thousands of years ago by a goat-herder named Kaldi who encountered his goats ‘dancing and singing’ after eating the red cherries. Ever since the stories accumulated: coffee smuggling, addiction, war, medicine and much more helped to spread the cherry around the world.

It is needless to say that a lot has changed since the dancing goats. Nowadays coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world and over 200 million people make a living of the black gold. The most significant changes have happened over the last decades with the rise of specialty coffee: a focus on quality and transparency. The origin of the coffee cherry is becoming increasingly important highlighting unique flavors of a particular country, region or even farm. Artisanal coffee roasters roast the coffee beans and strive to bring out these fascinating flavors.

We have chosen to primarily work together with White Label Coffee. This Amsterdam-based roasting company does not only deliver exceptional coffee they also commit to openness and quality. Together we can ensure you enjoy a better coffee and everyone in the chain benefits.


The Urban Sloth

The Urban Sloth is a paradox encompassing the two main elements of this company: dynamics and tranquility. We strive to adopt flexibility in every aspect of our business; we do not believe in one-size-fits-all. Also, we don't like sitting still, we are always on the move. On the move towards even better coffee, happier consumers and a better world.

On the other end of the spectrum is tranquility: being a sloth. Crafting cold brew coffee is a slow process; we like to take the appropriate amount of time to come to the best results. We believe that a laid-back, no-nonsense approach yields the most happiness for everybody. And, oh well, we just really like sloths. They. Are. Amazing.

We sincerely hope that you get to feel like an Urban Sloth yourself as well from time to time. Embrace the tranquility when you sit down with a bottle of cold brew and feast on some really good coffee. Indulge in the moment, enjoy the good vibes and prepare yourself to seize another day!


Excited about Urban Sloth Coffee? Feel free to contact us or taste our Cold Brew Coffee at any of the stores near you!

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